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  • "After 1 week of application, I notice the growth of (1cm). My hair has gotten back it's colour again also gotten thicker also. So in 1 week my Hair Grew to 38cm and 2nd week it grew to 40cm in length" and have fewer grey hairs and fewer split ends and my hair is much more stronger."

    Chamini Gunawardena

  • "Finally found a product that actually works. When I brushed after a bath before there was so much hair on my brush but now I see extremely less hair fall and all this happened within 1 week. Amazing Results"

    Tyana Perera

  • "I've finally found the perfect hair cream that reduces by hairfall like crazy !! It's not just hairfall baby hairs started growing on all my bald spots with the rest of my hair and I don't use conditioner any more my hair is soft after bath and my hair has got this new jet black texture and I can feel the thickness of my hair. This is awesome!"

    Dilu Christina

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